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A philosophy of unique beauty

Welcome to our centre

We have a qualified professional team and the latest equipment in the
market designed for derma aesthetics. We offer our patients the best medical-aesthetic’ s solutions.

Nutrition and body aestheticisms medical centre. The concepts of harmony and balance, reserving intimacy and serenity, have been applied into the infrastructure of our institute as well as our name. Our centre has 350 square meters distributed into medical offices, specialized rooms for treatments and cutting-edge equipment. Ambiance music, a central air-conditioning system and selected colorimetry are brought together to create balance in every space.

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Values and Pillars

Our origins date back to the year 1989. We are an established company with more than 25 years of experience in the field and deemed by our patients as a clear success.

Taking care of oneself and being able to see the results is a very important part of the process. In Dr. Elena Cerrolaza’s Nutrition and Body Aesthetics medical center we offer our patients the latest medical techniques supported by state-of- the-art technologies, which help our patients to keep under control their physical appearances.

Our Mission

We help our patients reach their optimal physical appearance as well as their health, well-being and the optimization of their vital functions. All this is essential to boost our energy, vitality and confidence.

Our Perspective

Taking care of ourselves is the first step to keep under control our physical appearance and to enjoy the results.


More than 25 years of experience position our medical center in the forefront of dermatology and aesthetics medicine. Our team of professionals treasure knowledge of medical aesthetics treatments and their constant training give our patients the most innovative techniques.

Our Facilities

Harmony and balance, intimacy and serenity are the main concepts that govern our installations. Our medical offices are meticulously equipped to achieve the best outcome for our patient’s derma-aesthetics treatments.

Our Guiding Principles

Knowledge and continuous training are essential aspects when it comes to suggesting treatments to our patients.

Minimally invasive procedures
We give dermatological and nutritional solutions without any sort of risk for our patients.

We consider ourselves to be a service company designed to enhance our patients body image and psychophysical balance.

Key to success

Dr. Elena Cerrolaza’s nutrition and body aesthetics medical center is equipped with a medical team, a mayor investment in I+D (Innovation and Development) and state-of- the-art medical equipment, to provide our patients with the best medical aesthetics solutions.

We work hard to help our patients see the results of their efforts and we offer new medical techniques and technologies to help us reach that goal.

In very short periods of time, health and derma aesthetics have mayor technological advances which is why we investment so much in I+D. We are the aesthetic-medical alternative for those who pursue efficient and visible solutions to improve their body image and to tend their bodies with the latest dermatological, nutritional and aesthetic treatments.

Aesthetics Medicine

Aesthetic treatments provide effective solutions without the need to endure a surgical procedure, through high investments in I+D, specific equipment and sophisticated techniques.


We combine body treatments using the most effective equipment with traditional techniques. We also provide food allergies treatments.

Aesthetics booth

Facial and body treatments that complement the medical procedures are important maintenance and personal care habits.


The dermatology treatments we provide seek to study the structure and function as well as the diseases that affect the skin. We offer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Orthomolecular Medicine.

Cellular activation and rehabilitation. Its mayor goal is to re-establish the body’s chemical balance. This goal is achieved through the use of natural substances and elements which have the ability to neutralize toxicity and improve the quality of life, providing us energy and vitality.

Main Treatments


Through facial rejuvenation dermatological treatments we can get mayor skin health benefits such as the improvement of texture, elimination of blotchiness, hydration, mitigation of wrinkles and the elimination of flaccidity caused by the passing of the years.


It means exfoliation plus peeling. This treatment can be physical or mechanical. Depending on its depth, it can be superficial, medium, or deep. Its function is to eliminate spot, skin irregularities, wrinkles, elasticity loss, flaccidity, acne, scars, and stretch marks.

Botulinum Toxin

It is a neurotoxin that affects the neuromuscular union resulting in the inhibition of the neurotransmitter. Consequently, this toxin stops muscular contraction, and, without interrupting its function, it puts the muscle in a relaxation face. After the treatment, the muscle´s function reactivates 3 or 4 months later, and it finishes 6 months later.

Cosmetology facial and body cleansing

We seek a brighter, cleaner, evener, tighter and more elastic skin. This treatment cleans, moistures, and nurtures the skin.

Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasy

It is an aesthetic body treatment that fights cellulite. Consequently, it improves the patient’s body shape and skin appearance, and it slows down the skin aging process. Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy (EFP).


It consists in the abnormal perspiration process (armpit, face, thorax, palm, sole, and groin). These conditions can be overcome by clinical body treatments such as botulinum toxin or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Questions?, our team of professionals are available to assist you with what you need.