Changes in skin or body figure can be overcome if we take care of them. The recovery process begins with a medical diagnosis of the patient’s biotype, and measurement of muscle mass and body fat. Then, we set a customized body treatment and we choose the most effective therapies for each case.


It is an aesthetic and therapeutic treatment that combats cellulite, flaccidity, and localized adiposity. It consists in subcutaneous microinjections into certain areas. When diets and body treatments cannot combat these problems, mesotherapy is a helpful alternative that will bring about fast and effective results.


It is a technique that combines mesotherapy and radiofrequency in order to combat cellulite

and localized obesity.


Hydrolipoclasia means destruction of fat through water.

Hydro = water.

Lipo = fat.

Clasia = detruction.

Hidrolipoclasia is an aesthetic body treatment that combats cellulite. Consequently, it improves the patient’s body shape and skin appearance, and it slows down the skin aging process. The term cellulite is also known as Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy (EFP).


This treatment can overcome cellulite, flaccidity, localized adiposity, scars, and stretch marks. This aesthetic body treatment introduces active substances into the organism through non-thermal electromagnetic waves, which open the pores and then introduce such substances. Photo-electrophoresis is temporary and reversible due to pulsed current. It is a non-traumatic alternative to mesotherapy, also known as no-needle mesotherapy.


It consists in the excessive perspiration (armpit, face, thorax, palm, sole, and groin). This condition can be overcome with clinical body treatments such as botulinum toxin or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).


It is based on the administration of photosensitizing chemical substances, and stimulation and shaping of the cell activity. Photodynamic therapy is recommended to deal with premalignant lesions, and body/facial rejuvenation. It is also effective in cases of acne rosacea, lichen, and hair stimulation.


It is a health discipline that offers a therapeutic non-pharmacological alternative to combat multiple afflictions through the use of heat, cold, light, water, massage, and electricity.


It consists in different therapeutic massage techniques used for certain conditions, and lessons. Besides, it is used as a supplement to aesthetic body treatment and sport activities.


This therapy uses pressure to treat/cure certain illnesses. It is a body treatment that stimulates the lymphatic circulation. It reduces the chances of the onset of varicose syndrome, and it decreases circulatory disorders. Pressotherapy involves the use of an air compressor that alternatively inflates and deflates air chambers that surround the body.


It is a therapeutic massage technique that activates the superficial lymphatic system so as to get rid of fluid retention and oversized molecules. This treatment helps the body to absorb nutrients and it improves the body articulation. It also eliminates toxins; hence, it solves and avoids oedemata and it enhances vein pathologies.


It is a Japanese massage form that consists in using the fingers and palms to put pressure in different parts of the body. It is a deep massage that frees blocked energy. This technique, together with coordination of concentration, breathing and movement, results in a deep relaxation. There are specific body points for healing muscular contracture, articulation pain, inflammation of tendons and nerves, digestives problems, insomnia, and other afflictions.


You can use a morning/afternoon to release stress and devote it to you and your body. The Spa Day involves: body exfoliation, pressotherapy, nutrition, face moisture, and relaxation massages with coffee or chocolate which can be mixed with orange and mint.


The combination of hot and cold stones is one of the best improvements in massage and anti-stress body treatments. Hot stones relax the body and muscles; and they stimulate blood Circulation. On the other hand, cold stones tone up the organism, having a great effect on legs that are tired, swollen or those that have varicose veins. In addition, there is a specific stone for each body part. This therapy is an eastern millenary technique that has shown amazing results. It combats stress, fatigue and anxiety.


It has been stated that our systems and organs have corresponding points in our feet, hands and ears. This treatment stimulates the unbalanced system/organ so as to return harmony to the body.


It involves remineralizing, detoxing, moisturizing, and nourishing products that stimulate endocrine glands and peripheral circulation. These products aim to return stability to the body in terms of its oil-water system. The most frequent products are seaweed, mud, sea mud, clay, and paraffin wax. They can be thermo-therapeutic agents that may be hot or cold. They rise or drop the skin temperature in order to improve hydration and eliminate toxins and cell waste products.


Radiofrequency waves have the same principles as electromagnetic waves. They act generically on live organisms. As radio frequency produces heat, it enhances the sodium-potassium pump of the fibroblast membrane. It naturally stimulates the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Besides, it has a lipolytic effect, and it combats cellulites and body hyperhidrosis. It increases the formation of proteins, it improves blood circulation, and it has a relaxing, sedative, and analgesic effect. Radio frequency can also combat acne as it reduces sebum production. This treatment is generally combined with other aesthetic body treatments.