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IPL therapy is effective in dealing with scars, acne, facial rejuvenation, removal of facial blemishes, and vascular injuries. It is a non-invasive technology that has minimal recovery time; and it is used easily and fast. The intense pulsed light spectrum is part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum of light. Once it reaches the skin, part of it is absorbed by the skin, another part is reflected, and a third part is transmitted.


This technology uses a high power Q-switched 1064/532 laser that is employed to deal with depigmentation, tattoo removal, ears and upper eyelid depigmentation, and shrink of eyelid skin. It combats flaccidity by stimulating collagen.


This laser (also known as Pixel Laser) creates microscopic perforations on treated skin without hurting it. As a result, the surface of the skin regenerates rapidly from the exterior; consequently, its state is significantly enhanced. This treatment is effective in dealing with acne, scars, stretch marks, and flaccidity.


This laser produces steaming and coagulation resulting in facial rejuvenation. Its main feature is resurfacing. Controlled burning causes the skin to get a new epithelium; besides, it enhances the dermis condition. Due to the formation of new collagen fibers, the skin acquires the features of a young dermis, it becomes more fresh, tighten, and luminous.


This is a therapeutic method that consists in the use of a small electrode. This method is usually employed in the destruction of different anatomic structures, especially those that are located in deep areas. It selectively eliminates teleangiectasia, warts, flat warts, keratosis, xanthelasma, fibroids, among others.


Phototherapy uses specific light wavelengths to achieve certain therapeutic goals. There are two types of phototherapy. One of them is called classic phototherapy, which is based on the light interaction between the phototherapy equipment and the affected tissue. The other one, dynamic phototherapy, is based on a previous interaction between light and photosensitive molecules that are administered to the patient. These molecules photosensitize the human tissue and they act as an intermediary between light and the specific tissue. This therapy attenuates superficial wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun spots, and premalignant lesions among others.


Hydrotion, Strategist, and Time Expert are ideal treatments that cause the skin to recover itscapacity to retain water. Mineromedicinal water may have a direct local effect. Moreover, its effects can be distant due to its physical and chemical characteristics. Face treatments can be applied directly to the skin or through massages. Examples of these treatments are: anti-stress treatment, face peel, moisturize, and face detox which involves the use of clay or essential oils.


Mesoglow or mesolisting is an anti-aging revolution. It promises to attenuate wrinkles and recover youth without plastic surgery. To delay the aging process, microinjections with different substances are administered. This treatment tones up the skin and it makes it look brighter, and moisturized.


It is a neurotoxin that affects the neuromuscular union resulting in the inhibition of the neurotransmitter. Consequently, this toxin stops muscular contraction, and, without interrupting its function, it puts the muscle in a relaxation face. After the treatment, the muscle´s function reactivates 3 or 4 months later, and it finishes 6 months later. Botulinum toxin eliminates expression marks, glabelar wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, torax wrinkles, periorbicular wrinkles, neck bands, bunny lines, gummy smile, bruxism, masseter hypertrophy, commissures of mouth, and hyperdrosis. In addition, we provide Nefertiti lift for remodeling maxillary arch.


It is an aesthetic face treatment that combats the aging process without surgery. There are more than 160 dermal filler products on the market. Each one of them is made of different components and materials according to each treatment. Hyaluronic acid is an important non-permanent material. It is a skin/connective tissue component whose main characteristic is the ability to retain water; hence, it keeps the skin elastic and it diminishes the onset of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is usually administered into nasolabial furrows, lips, periocular wrinkles, neck wrinkles, thorax, minor/deep folds, and areas that have lost volume. Apart from that, we offer Skinbooster which is a deep mesotherapy technique that redesenfies and revitalizes the tissues. As it is low density hyaluronic acid, it does not give volume to the skin.


Facial Mesoherapy regenerates the skin. It activates metabolic and vascular functions by introducing hyaluronic acid, trace elements, and essential amino acids, which improve the skin metabolism. This treatment produces the activation of fibroblasts, collagen, elastin, and the extracellular matrix’s glycosaminoglycanes. The method applied is the same for neck, neckline, and hands.

DNA: It provides turgor, vitality, and shimmer. It is efficient at photo-aging and flaccidity.

Italian Mesotherapy: It is a combination of chemical and natural substances that improve blood circulation and the stimulation of fibroblasts so as to produce new collagen. An example of these substances is Idebenone or CQ10 which is a synthetic analogous compound of Q10 coenzyme. It is one of the strongest antioxidants.

DMEA: Also known as natural origin dimethylethanolamine. Its topical function prevents the anti-aging process and acts as a protector. It prevents proteins crosslinking, tones up the skin, eliminates toxins, enhances the skin’s contractibility, and increases the face muscle tone, especially on neck and lids. In addition, it improves the cell membrane’s stability, and protects it from free radicals. The tensing action continues improving during the first 6 months of DMEA administration. Besides, it stays stable 4 or 8 weeks after the topical treatment has been interrupted.

Filorga: It is a hyaluronic acid and a NCTF poly-revitalizing vitamin complex made of 55 active ingredients that permit total revitalization. We offer a 5 sessions pack of facial mesotherapy.


These are face treatments that deal with acne and excess of skin’s grease. It also diminishes the irritation reactions. These treatments eliminate impurities from the skin with cosmetic pharmacological products.


It means exfoliation plus peeling. This treatment can be physical or mechanic. Depending on its depth, it can be superficial, medium, or deep. Its function is to eliminate spots, skin irregularities, wrinkles, elasticity loss, flaccidity, acne, scars, and stretch marks.


This is an American skin exfoliation technique that consists in three steps. The first one consists in an exfoliation performed with a bistoury in which the superficial layer of skin is eradicated without being hurt. The bistoury together with a thin spatula eradicates the dead tissue from the epidermis. The second step regards a chemical exfoliation that involves different types and concentrations of acids that continue the process. The last step regards a mechanic chemical exfoliation performed with dry ice.


It is a mechanic skin exfoliation that involves the use of particles or crystals. It is an ideal facial rejuvenator for skin that is old, swollen or sunburnt. Besides, it attenuates stretch marks, scars, and face edges. The object of this treatment is to regenerate cells and increase collagen production to give the skin elasticity and tone. Depending on each skin necessity, it produces superficial scaling of the epidermis so as to improve its texture.


Through electromagnetic waves, radiofrequency produces heat resulting in vasodilation. Hence, bloodstream increases depending on the rise of skin oxygenation. Radiofrequency improves flaccidity and it stimulates fibroblasts which enhance the formation of new collagen.


Cosmetology cleansing combined (or not) with chemical peel makes the skin brighter, cleaner, even, tight, and elastic. This treatment cleans, moistures, and nurtures the skin.


This mechanism regulates and reestablishes the liquids according to the lymphatic space levels. This is done by circular and ascendant movements that enhance the edemas. This treatment pumps, presses, and decompresses the skin imitating the physiologic auto- massage that performs the healthy tissue. This treatment is painless.


This regards an advanced line of face treatments that resurface the skin by cleaning, moisturizing and toning it up. With Belex-08, a great deal of cabin electro-aesthetic face procedures can be performed. This treatment, which may combine with others, optimizes the functional conditions of the skin and it makes it brighter and smoother. Its main appliances are:

BROSSAGE: Makes the skin smooth, thin, and soft.

SPRAY: Moistures and superficially tones up the skin.

SUCTION CUP: Optimally cleans the skin.

HIGH FREQUENCY: Eases the sensitive complexion, and eradicates toxins and impurities

from the skin.

MICRO-GALVANIC TREATMENT: Deeply nurtures and moistures the skin so as to

make it healthy, smooth and bright.

DESCALING: Regulates oily skin and the sebaceous secretion. It eliminates the acne


GALVANIC: Perfectly nurtures and oxygenates all the cutaneous tissues.

PASSIVE GYMNASTICS: Makes the skin even and tight.


The passage of the years causes a slow and continuous bone resorption, with reduction of its mass, giving an imbalance between the bone mass and the rest of the tissue. Suspension threads give a minimally invasive rejuvenation, using a simple and effective method. It does not leave scars and is performed with local anesthesia, without altering the normal life of the patient.

The insertion of the thread into the skin is done by means of a guide needle, which once extracted leaves the subdermal thread subject, pulling at its ends to anchor them. As for the design of the approach may be Lifting of the zygomatic region; Mandibular Lifting; Lifting of neck and lifting of brows and upper eyelids, obtaining satisfactory results for more than 5 years of facial rejuvenation.